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Organize your zippers by creating a zipper catalog. FREE downloads included!

Zippers get messy FAST! They can add so much pop to your projects but when they’re all jumbled up it can be hard to find what you need. We created a simple way to keep track of the zippers in your stash. Use your catalog to keep track of where you purchased your zippers or as a quick reference when auditioning fabrics and patterns!

Turn your zippers from this:

To this:

What You’ll Need:

Get Started

First you’ll need to download the zipper catalog sheet. Each sheet has space for up to 6 zippers. Print as many sheets as you need for your zippers. It doesn’t hurt to print a few extras for future purchases. Once the sheets are printed out you can start adding your zipper tape scraps. These sheets comfortably fit a zipper length of up to 3.5 inches. I attached my zippers using a stapler. Glue and tape just don’t hold the weight of the zipper as well as a good ol’ fashion stapler!

Fill in the blanks to add the name, size, and purchasing location for each zipper sample! Having this information all in one place makes reordering a breeze.

When you’ve finished adding in all of your zippers and filling in the notes it’s time to bust out the 3 hole punch! If you alternate between punching the left and right side of the sheets your catalog will have a nice finished look. You can even glue the back side of 2 sheets together before adding it to your binder. That’s an extra step but then you won’t have to look at the blank stapled sides of each sheet when you’re flipping through your catalog!

Don’t forget to download the optional cover sheet!

Now that your Zipper catalog is finished use it to pair with coordinating fabrics and patterns or take it on the go when visiting the fabric shop!

We hope you enjoy your beautiful new Zipper catalog! How do you organize your zippers? We want to see! Send us an email or tag us with #madewithidleblooms. We can’t wait to see what you’re working on!