Create a multifunctional sewing room in a small space!

Check out some tips & tricks for organizing a multifunctional craft space in this craft room tour!

Our 10×13 spare bedroom has a lot of jobs to do and is used for many types of crafting and creating. When I’m not crafting up a storm, the room transforms into a spacious mellow office. To handle a variety of jobs without becoming a cluttered mess, every opportunity for organization needs to be utilized.

Make the room bigger!

Packing so many tasks into a small space can feel sometimes feel crowded. To counter this issue we removed the closet doors and it makes a HUGE difference. I still have the ability to hide away items I don’t want to see by using baskets on the upper shelves. These baskets hold difficult to organize items like paper patterns and zippers. Additionally, placing the yarn baskets on their sides gives a much needed pop of color and texture to this area of the room.

By removing the doors and putting in This Sauder crafting table, the closet became a more functional work space. The melamine top is heat and stain resistant, perfect for an ironing station. Years ago my husband and I made this jumbo 45×26 ironing board using plywood, several layers of batting, and smooth canvas. Its large size makes interfacing fabric or smoothing out quilt tops so much easier than a traditional ironing board.

I love my OLISO smart iron!

Another reason to love this table is because the shelves are deep enough to store full bolts of interfacing! Bottom shelves hold extra irons and baskets of in progress projects.

Large rolls of vinyl are store rolled and upright in woven baskets on the floor surrounding the ironing table.

Use vertical wall space for storage

One way to organize items is by using any available vertical wall space. I added The Container Store ELFA utility pegboard system behind the bedroom door.

Vertical systems like these add storage for items that get accessed often like rulers and cutting mats. Additionally it’s hidden behind the door and not very visible from outside the bedroom. This ELFA system is completely customizable too! Mine measures approx. 3 feet wide by 8 feet tall.

Traditional pegboard style organizing can be found in the closet area. Here, bag hardware is stored and displayed over the ironing table for easy access. Check out my previous post “Organizing your handbag hardware for functionality” for more information on this organizing solution.

Like most sewist I have a great deal of thread! Rather than boxing them up and stowing them away, I display them on the wall. Their bright colors help to add color and brighten up the room.

I purchased wooden thread organizers like these embroidery ones and these regular ones from Amazon. I spray painted them white to match the décor in the rest of the room.

The Fabric Wall

Hoarding fabric is a hobby in and of itself and I display this hobby proudly using the Ikea LIATORP combination bookcase system. Having loads of shelf space helps me keep fabrics organized because there is plenty of room for everything.

I’m still deciding the best way to fold my fabrics. If you have a favorite way to fold and store your fabric let me know!

The middle cabinet has french style doors that both protect and show off my two gorgeous vintage Singer featherweight machines.

and it can’t ALL be about sewing! Some other fun items are sprinkled throughout the room as well. One of my faves is The Office Lego set!

Note Kevin and his chili bowl, lol.

Where the magic happens

One of the BIGGEST splurges in this room is the Koala cabinet! I will never regret purchasing a Koala Cabinet for my sewing room because I do most everything at this table and serves a wide variety of functions.

My Bernina 770QE fits smoothly with the custom cut insert that Koala offers. This particular model cabinet is counter height and has plenty of space for a full size cutting mat WITH ROOM TO SPARE!!! No more breaking your back bending over to cut!

When it’s time to switch gears the sewing machine magically disappears too! Okay, not really but with the flick of a switch an electric lift lowers the machine for easy stowing. Once you’re ready to sew the machine lifts back up to stitch the day away!

Now that everything is out of the way it’s time to work on the laptop, get those paints out or even start wrapping presents!

Did I mention one whole side of the cabinet can fold down to give you more floor space? If you need even MORE floor space the entire unit is on casters and easily moves around however you need it!

Now that you’ve toured my sewing room I would love to know what you think and see yours too! Send me a note in the comments below

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4 thoughts on “Create a multifunctional sewing room in a small space!

  1. Rachel Ayers says:

    What a total dream room!! I love it. I also happen to have the Office Lego set and last week I bought some new IKEA cabinets. Looks like mine will go into my glass cabinet too now!!!! Your Koala cabinet is so versatile. Hmmmm. Might need to start looking at those 😬

    • Alexis Vandewerfhorst says:

      Thank you!! I’m such a big “The Office” fan, I just had to showcase this in there! The Koala cabinets are FANTASTIC. This is my 3rd Koala cabinet and I just ordered another one to house my serger. If you have any questions about them let me know! Hope your Ikea cabinet set up goes great! Would love to check it out if you wanna share.

  2. Alexis Vandewerfhorst says:

    Thank you! This one is the Juki DNU1541s. It’s a fantastic machine and sews through all the ridiculous layers I feed it so easily. I have a few other Juki’s and they have always been good solid machines.

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