A Hack for Sturdier and Longer Lasting Patterns!

Paper patterns never seem to last very long. It feels like they get smaller and smaller each time they’re used. With each cut, a little trim here and a little slice there really add up! After a few cuts they’re often too wonky to be accurate (or half the pieces are lost, lol). So we figured out a little hack for studier patterns that last a long time!

All you need is

Lets Do This!

First you will need to find a pattern that you want to use more than once. Print it out but DON’T CUT IT YET!! Some pattern pieces ask you to tape them together once they are cut out. Laminating will be SO MUCH easier if you leave that step to be for later.

stickers have been added to this image to protect the pattern information

Follow your Laminator’s guide for instructions on how to laminate each page. If you have a “hot” laminator you need to let the page cool down before cutting. Once the paper has cooled off, cut out the pattern pieces as directed in the pattern.

Now that all your pieces have been cut out, follow the pattern instructions on how to tape them together. I like to use shipping tape because it is clear, strong, and will keep my pattern pieces sturdy.

stickers have been added to the image to protect the pattern information

After the pieces have been pieced and tapes together you can give each one a punch with the hole puncher. Slide each piece onto a binder ring for storage and voila’ your pattern is sturdy, organized and ready for use!

stickers have been added to the image to help protect the pattern information

The pattern shown here was the Momexa pattern from Country Cow Designs!

I hope you enjoy this little hack for patterns. What hacks do you use to keep your patterns lasting? Let us know in the comments!