Organizing your handbag hardware with function and style.

Don’t you just love a space that is fully functional AND beautiful to look at?

Using these storage jars on a pegboard is a completely functional way to store your hardware for quick access.

I tried several storage solutions from drawer organizers to toolboxes but they took up too much space for me. I tried Using a wall mounted drawer organizer did the job but I didn’t love the way it looked in my space and I outgrew it quickly.

After searching high and low for a better quality, more functional, and stylish option I found these pegboard jars on Amazon. They have been a total game changer for my workspace.

Now I can easily see all my hardware and quickly access it when I am designing and making my bags.

Why we LOVE these jars for hardware storage:

  • The color!! The modern blue color matches my space, but if blue isn’t your color not to worry they also comes in red! 
  • The lid itself stays attached to the pegboard and you just screw and unscrew the jar portion to access the contents (this helps to prevent damage to the pegboard).
  • The jars are plastic and light weight. I like this for hardware because the hardware is heavy enough without the added weight of glass. Also, plastic won’t ding or scratch the hardware like glass would.
  • They come in 2 sizes! I use the tall jars for my larger hardware pieces like swivel hooks and 38mm pieces. Smaller items like rivets and labels fit perfect in the short jars.
  • Since the jars are completely clear I can see exactly what colors I have inside and what items I’m running low on. 
  • The labels from my Brother P-Touch Embellish labeler fit perfectly on the lids of the jars.

Label those Jars!

Even though the jars are see through the labels can help you find what you need quicker without having to measure each piece. Just add the size of each item to the right label!

Making the Pegboard.

I purchased my pegboard from the lumbar section at my local Home depot and I had them cut it down to the size I needed. I mounted the pegboard on two long pieces of 2×4 wood that I also had cut at Home Depot. One piece of 2×4 across the top and one on the bottom. Doing this creates a gap between the pegboard and the wall so that the hooks will fit into the pegs properly. Once the pegboard was mounted on the wall I painted it Jamaican Aqua from Benjamin Moore using a mini roller. Make sure not to roll on too thick of a paint coat or it will clog the holes.

Finishing touches.

Let the paint fully dry before mounting the jars. Once the jars were placed on the pegboard I filled them up with my hardware and used my Brother P Touch labeler to clearly label each jar’s contents. 

Now I have a beautiful and fully functional place to store and proudly display my hardware.

I don’t know about you, but I love a clean organized space that is not only functional but beautiful to look at. How do you store your hardware? We wanna see! Tag us with #madewithidleblooms and we may feature you on our page!

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      Awesome! If you end up using them we would love to see! Tag us with #madewithidleblooms.
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